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Discussion 09/29/08

October 21, 2008

Today we walked  around the site and described in words every plat, tree, stone, building we saw. It was interesting to see the defferent things people would notice while walking around campus.

I saw the cans,  the trash all over while some did not pay attention to how much the area was being taken care of.

Our site  was very divided into sections. It felt like every plant was placed in their correct place. Also the food court is the center of the site, it is where everyone comes together.


Discussion 09/22/08

October 21, 2008

In our class discussion we talked about we are suppose to use words to represent our site.  By using words we can figure out exactly what and how we see the sight, not by describing but by analyzing.

In my site there weren’t that mant green areas, there was a main focus point and two different directions in which the site was designed: first was the passage in which the people used to get fro class to class and the second one was the way in which all the buildings were one infront of the other.

Idea –  [words, sight, geometry, site, analysis] – Architecture