Discussion 10/06/08

Today in class we discussed facades and  to design them. Each and every side has a purpose .

In the site  me and my group got  there is a center where everyone around school goes to. Around this site there are two main passage ways. The buildings in the site are lined up opposite the main car passage ,almost as intersecting the road.  My site  is mostly on a flat plane but  creates  movement  by having  a place to  unite  every building and every person together.


On my facades I was demonstrating how the site is secluded by little zones. The center can’t be seen completely so I used horizontal lines and verticals intersecting each other but with some space in between each other so that some of the site was visible but not completely . Depending on where you are positioned you can see the theater so I used different size windows almost as peeking into the theater. I felt that the looking form the bottom to the top should be opened because I wanted to seem as if the spaces where not defined , they were abstract.


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