Discussion 10/20/08

During class today we put all our facades together to create our representation of the site.

To me my site is secluded zones directed by two major passages and one major focal point. When me and my classmates talked about he site we felt that there was no specific place that was emphasized more then another but once we saw the food truck we noticed that the flow of people depended on the position of the food truck on the lot. People came in and left from the street located in the campus and on the street around the buildings. These two passages intersected each other creating an L shape. If you go to the street inside the campus you will see that there are two more lines made but they are made by buildings lined up therefore creating an E shape. Where ever you are you can either get a peek at the food truck or not see it at all unless you walk close to it. That creates mystery which invites more customers in the curiosity of knowing what is behind that building, that wall or even that tree depending on where you are coming from.



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