Discussion 11/17/08 and 11/24/08

Today our teacher left us with a couple a questions in mind.
How does digital connect back to human form?

To me the way digital connects back to human form is by the way we are able to make any design in the exact measurements we want. Doing drawings digitally allows our minds explore an entire different world.

Has architecture become just a play of form?

No it has not, instead it has broaden  the possibilities of  creating different structures. We  experiment more now then we have before but there are reasons for the moves make. We live in a different century with different minds,  the more the years go by the more experiment  will happen. Different types of architecture will be born.

How do you transition into different spaces?

Well scale and proportion are a big part when moving from one room to another.  If a room is really tall and  multiple times human size one would feel overwhelmed  in such a big room.


Steen Eiler Rasmussen  uses different  divisions of the body to decide how tall his door, windows, all building parts should be.  corbu_jp40


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