Discussion 12/01/08

Walter Gropius designed the Dessau Bauhaus building to look as if the students were always presenting to the public; in this case the people that were walking on the streets. The glass walls allowed plenty of light to come in but at the same time no privacy for the students. He uses the students as puppets of a show. The teachers on the other hand have their bedrooms separated form the main building and have a bit more privacy then the students. The metals all exposed worked with his idea of inspiring movement, artist being revealed. The metal were art pieces for he building. The building was designed on the basis of confrontation and interaction with one another. Students and teachers were forced to see each other everywhere they went and be seen by others every passage in the building. Although the main building works for the purpose of interaction; I don’t understand the purpose of having the teachers building separate if he wants interaction between students, teacher and public.

Alvaro Siza wanted the University to look as if it has always been there and that the trees were hidding the university behind them. He said “ Architecture needs geometry to create order”



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